A Glamorous Affair

The latest fashion that breaks into any city in the apparel industry when a new style and perception emerges, it allures and adores the trend of modern living.

The glitzy and vibrant energy flaunted by Myrah Boutique fashion house in the interior segments of a corner property that is located at a stunning vantage point on the roads of Indira Nagar in Bengaluru invokes a radiant flavor of charm.

It has an architectural interplay composed between the volumes and light enhancing the decor and furnishings in a flamboyant expression.

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The design team talks about creating a driving force by imparting a continuous dialogue with the exterior through the spatial organization and materials.

The whole building acts like a costume with yellow ochre and beige tones that makes a statement with the warm lights evoking the attention of the passer-by.

The exterior massing is finely tuned with open volumes, glass facades, perforated surfaces and slopping terracotta roof that radiates a fusion of traditional as well as a contemporary style of architecture.

The front facade is an amalgamation of plastered walls tailored by the staircase and glass exposing the interior elements and model figurines that exude the glam and glow.

The whole design is integrated into three floors with an exotic bottlebrush tree that weaves through, creating a sense of harmony and balance with nature and built.

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A traditional Indian doll with ethnic clothing sits at the entrance as you step into space, with the fresh fragrance of woven fabric welcoming the customers in a manner of celebration.

The lower levels showcase an ethnic style of fashion with etchings of decorative wooden patterns and antique mirror frames that blend with the earthy tones of floor tiles interspaced with wooden staircases.

The basic plan is a composition of spaces divided into three zones with one space that opens to the sky and the other end enveloping a tree. The walls and ceiling are kept off white to ensure maximum emphasis on the clothing display.

Skylights and cut-outs provide an interesting game of light and shadow that brings in an ambiance of connectedness with the external environment. Wooden members hold the MS supports that are clad into the wood and then suspended from the ceiling.

The gallery then opens out into a semi-covered breakout space with seating surrounded by trees and plants that invigorates a refreshing atmosphere. These spaces are composed of exposed brickwork and jellies integrated with a floral framework of patterns in the steel.

The first floor is engrossed in the western section and apparel that exudes a modern trend that even plays into the interior design of the space. The part of the indoor display faces the facade separated by a glass partition that reveals the tree that turns into a gorgeous setting for the designer consultation space.

Modular partition units that are made of whiteboards allow being grouped in various ways making it expressively flexible to the layout. This floor accommodates trial rooms and toilets that are screened by a perforated metal wrap on the toilet entry door allowing the surface to be used for displaying accessories.

The all-white ceilings and walls add to the delight of the fashion in congruence with the earthy floor tiles. Clean composed interiors with hanging golden light fixtures and focus lights embrace the modernity and finesse of tailoring.

Aquatic shades of blue sports the semi open spaces that are exhibited by the curtains, hanging lights and furniture upholstery. LED tracklights and droplights give flexibility to enhance the display presentation where it accents with the decor of the interiors.

Brilliant light patterns that emanate into the spaces blend with the delightful tones of attires showcased in creating a fresh dialogue between the natural aromas of landscape and design.

Fact File

  • Project Title: Myrah Boutique
  • Location: Indiranagar, Bangalore
  • Practice: Mistry Architects
  • Typology: Retail Design
  • Area: 118 sqm
  • Year: 2018
  • Design Team: Ar. Renu Mistry, Ar. Sandeep Umapathy

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