An urban oasis

Like its name Avenida, the latest apartment project by EDIFICE Consultants Pvt. Ltd in Rajarhat, Kolkata, reinterprets the avenue as an important element of urban space. The design is based on the deep-rooted colonial urban history and cultural heritage of the city safely encased in its contemporary cosmopolitan frame.

The master plan exhibits a set of spatial narratives that exemplify the idea of an invigorated urban dwelling-pattern through a strong sense of community living and shared social spaces.

The property which stands on a 13-acre plot consists of several residential towers, courtyard homes, garden apartments, townhome, retail stores and areas for social gatherings and entertainment.

Built masses which include a festival pavilion, an art display area, a library with an outdoor tea bar, a grocery and vegetable store, an ATM, health-care support, a corner café and a child-care facility are all spread along a curvilinear street.

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The car-free tree-lined central boulevard promotes pedestrian mobility for positive health impact. A safe space for people of all ages to walk, play and socialize. The design gives prominence to the feel of living in a close-knit community while providing enough privacy to its inhabitants.

The residential spaces include three and four-bedroom duplexes spread in 29-stories. The residential towers have been planned to counterpoise the curvilinear boulevard in a radial pattern; the towers have been oriented towards the South and South-East, to respond to the prevailing wind-pattern for maximum air-flow into the habitable spaces.

The dwellings are assembled into a three-dimensional lattice and distributed over seven unique towers offering a wide range of living opportunities.

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The colonial-era architectural elements, including twin columns and horizontal shading louvres, have been adapted to form a public façade that continues through the amenity spine, the clubhouse and the bottom two floors of the residential towers.

A combination of floor height fins, louvres and deep balconies protect the interiors from the harsh sun. Double storied garden houses, townhouses and courtyard homes are also safeguarded with the horizontal shading louvres. The houses are also well ventilated and receive natural light in abundance.

The parking facility is also planned with the utmost care to help people with special needs. Strategically arranged green spaces that house indigenous species of plants and trees that promote the wellbeing of soil, birds and small animals as well as ensure optimal water dependence are planted on site.

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The outdoor space options range from vast curated gardens to cosy private gardens. The whole design is done with utmost care to provide its inhabitants’ privacy and a healthier lifestyle.

Fact File

  • Project Name: Avenida
  • Project Location: Rajarhat, Kolkata
  • Practice: EDIFICE Consultants Pvt. Ltd
  • Lead Architect & Principal Designer: Uday Ranjan Goswami
  • Project Director: Manoj Choudhury
  • Design Team: Uday Ranjan Goswami, Manoj Choudhury, DebashreeTurel, Subhrendu Das, & Parag Mistry
  • Construction Team: Uday Ranjan Goswami, Sanil Kumar, Sandeep Naikude, Sudip Choudhury, & Paromita Chanda
  • Client: Tata Housing Development Company Ltd.
  • Liaison Consultant: Maheshwari & Associates, Kolkata
  • Engineering: MN Consultants, Kolkata (Structure) MEP Engineers, Mumbai (Building Services)
  • Landscape Design: Cracknell (London/Dubai), Design Accord
  • Construction: L&T India Constructions
  • Site Area: 13 Acres
  • Gross Built Area: 1.6 Million SqFt
  • Year of Completion: 2019 (Phase 1)

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