Blissful Blues & Youthful Yellows

Fact File

  • Project Title: The Yellow Door House
  • Location: Pune, India 
  • Practice: Between Walls
  • Designer: Natasha Shah
  • Typology: 2BHK Penthouse
  • Area: 2000 sq.ft
  • Photography Credits: Maulik Patel; Inclined Studio

Colours impart an elemental drama to the architectural spaces evoking our emotions and feelings. Bright shades of blue and yellow intertwined with natural greens enchant and elate the spatial mood. This weekend getaway penthouse sets a holiday ambiance in an admirable composition of spaces. A white canvas splashed with cheerful shades and various patterns dancing in a subtle symphony.

The yellow door penthouse set in the beautiful city of Pune was envisioned by the interior designer Natasha Shah where it was conceptualized on a defined brief to inherit celebration, joy, and happiness in the dwelling. The design is bloomed on a 2000sq.ft of space dedicated with ample terrace spaces welcoming colorful parties and to even enjoy a nice chilly evening watching a movie overlooking the twinkling stars. The client’s fascination with Greece is explored in composing the concept of this dynamic dwelling. Using local materials and sustainable methods such as handcrafting also aided in visualizing the spaces with a vernacular touch.

As you enter a bright yellow door is presented to bring cheerfulness and excitement, that opens into the living room expressed in distinct colourful shades of browns, yellows, and blues showcased on gleaming white walls. Along with the mesmerizing colours, a set of handmade décor elements such as the jute carpet, pots, and cane wall art joins the big drama. An invigorating balcony opens to wide enriching views of the city, whereby it merges along with the kid’s room. This place is designed to unwind and relax. The light and shadow play from the ceiling bamboo perform throughout the day imbibing a lot of character in the balcony.

The kid’s bedroom follows a linear pattern of bed hanging from the ceiling and connected to the outdoors, also the rustic natural theme flows from the living to the kid’s room. The blue master bedroom door opens up to a very dramatic blue ceiling and white sheer space along with a cozy corner with a round jute carpet and bamboo wall art.

Waste Kota stone was reused for the terrace and flooring, thereby creating a pattern that replicated the old streets of Greece. The terrace entrance door is also kept yellow, where it opens to a grand arena of vibrant space composition. The bar situated at one of the edges overlooks the beautiful sunset view. A series of steps are constructed as seating space to enjoy a movie projected on the front blank wall. The seating was made in civil and finished with IPS. The green wall is also provided to enhance the spatial experience with a natural intimacy.

This picture-perfect abode dwells on the freedom of movement, the passionate architectural expression, crossing beyond just four walls and roof. The yellow door house does stand to evoke a refined friendship that resides beautifully between the walls.  

Natasha Shah

Between Walls

Between Walls is an interior design studio based in Pune, India founded by Natasha Shah in the year 2014. The firm strives in curating a better lifestyle by being agile, flexible, nimble, responsive and adaptive. Their design journey starts with a vision and aids in achieving their dreams as well as clients. They take pride in themselves on their process, craft and attention to detail. This small team puts in a lot of effort working on big challenges in honest collaboration and nurturing of their clients.      

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