Bold isn’t understated

Following the town’s landscape identity of rolling hills which is unusual among the flat topography of Denmark, the five towers creates a benchmark in Residential Design using TONALITY Façade Tiles.

Set in Vejle, an urban town of Denmark, ‘The Wave’ apartment was completed in 2018. The town narrates an opulence of rich architecture both old and new and is home to the country’s leading architectural practices.

The launch of ‘The Wave’ project celebrates the successful completion of an architecture that passed 11 years in construction. The development which began in 2006 was disrupted by the global financial crisis in 2008.

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The construction was resumed in 2015, two years after the death of Ar. Henning Larzen.

A new visual identity for the town of Vejle, amidst ubiquitous office towers and historic red brick building is the outlining principle of this project. The conceptual spark is characterized as an architectural tribute to the local setting.

Soaking up the natural setting, the five peaks of the apartment are projected as the architect’s imagination of the landscape in the built form.

Being the foundation for a revitalized waterfront, the apartment complex integrates an open, public pier forming a social and residential hub that defines a lasting existence in the proposal.

Spread over an area of 3.5 acres, the project consists of 100 units. Each tower has nine floors, the highest of which forms a double-height penthouse apartment.

The edge of the wave forms an eave over the large glazed facades connected with balconies for each apartment that are partitioned by privacy screens.

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The rolling profile consists of thin strips of glass windows that act as a source of light into the apartments while they also form skylights over the top floors.

Sculptural and organic in form, a cladding using panels of terracotta rain screen is used to create the vision into reality that is perceived as a continuous white sheet from a distance.

These panels reveal an idea that goes beyond imagination and is highly recommended for customized façade designs.

Tonality Façade Tiles are manufactured using ‘Keralis’ sinter firing process. The method uses higher grade clay in suitable preparation under high pressure.

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At 1200 degree Celsius, the extremely condensed molecular structure of the ceramic is transformed into a perfect cladding tile.

Some of the other characteristics of the product includes higher-performance surface that allows life-long colour fastness and UV resistance that contribute in maintaining the façade to remain vibrant from the day of installation.

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It is also dirt resistant and is not affected by any environmental and seasonal influences. The firing process guarantees that the tiles are resistant to pressure and are both impact and scratch proof. Hence, they become impermeable during transport and installation.

The meticulousness in detail provides an even and precise joint pattern on the façade without any overlaps. The tiles are cut independently, carefully down to the last millimetre permitting fast and simple installation.

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In addition, Tonality Façade Tiles are widely in use in all climatic regions of the world as they are easy to handle in large formats due to their low dead weight of only 23-35kg/m2.

Modest details and materials also imbue the interiors and emphasize the assured views of the surroundings through floor to ceiling glazing. Wooden floors extent across all spaces, including the balconies.

The daytime offers a notable reflection of the apartment in the waterfront while an illuminated multi splash of shades is portrayed at night.

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Following the revitalization of the waterside, each tower has a series of generous steps on the ground level that lead to a public walkway which is linked to a wooden deck area and a small landing that lead to the waterfront.

Sculptural yet functional, ‘The Wave’ reinforces the possibilities of context based exploration for a regular function such as a residential complex.

Fact file

  • Project Name : The Wave in Vejle
  • Location : Vejle, Denmark
  • Building Type : Residential
  • Site Area : 15,000 m2
  • Architectural
  • Practice : Henning Larzen Architects
  • Project Lead : Søren Øllgaard
  • Year of completion : 2018
  • Project Sketches credit : Henning Larsen Architects

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