The BungLOW: Recreating Lost Grandeur

Bungalows once considered as the symbol of opulence in Indian society have lost its sheen since the late ’90s. This indigenous residential type had reached the height of extravaganza in the post-Colonial period. But the rapid expansion of the urban spaces since the beginning of the 21st century and the unavailability of large land parcels are the main reasons attributed to its decline.

The major highlights of bungalows are the spacious, symmetrical layout, with a huge veranda around the dwelling and a large landscaped compound.

Recreating the opulence of this indigenous style on a substantially smaller plot is not a simple feat. But with skillful planning and execution of the project BungLOW, Anagram architects prove that this is not an impassable task.

The traditional Indian architectural component courtyard is also included here.
The traditional Indian architectural component courtyard is also included here.

The BungLOW located in the suburbs of India’s National Capital Region Noida is built on a 900 sqm plot as it is currently for a nuclear family that is at the cusp of becoming a multi-generational household. The four-bedroom suites and family spaces are slung, in stacked low-rise volumes, peripherally around a manicured lawn meant for social gathering.

A green terraced roof that starts at the entrance raises along with the curve of the plot as a continuation of the landscape becomes the first floor of the house at the north-east wing. Public spaces such as the living and dining room and home-office, are placed under this wing.

Reminiscing traditional bungalows, a colonnade verandah runs along both levels of the facade providing a contiguous buffer to the residence from the front lawn.

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The rooms are placed behind the verandah to protect them from the harsh sun.  A shade to reduce glare is also created around the verandah using a pattern of green porcelain tiles on a thin steel lattice that matches the green roof.

The shade along with the angular green roof ensures the thermal comfort level inside the bungalow. There is also a covered sit-out at the north-west wing where the verandah ends.

The interior of the two-floor bungalow is kept minimal with neutral shades and in open style that blurs the line between the interior and nature.

The ground floor consists of office spaces, formal living, dining space, kitchen which has a uniquely designed breakfast counter and two bedrooms. The other two bedrooms are located on the first floor which also houses a pantry and snooker.

The terrace and the kitchen gardens are also on this level. All four bedrooms in the bungalow are provided with walk-in wardrobes. The house help’s accommodation is placed on the third floor which also includes the terrace area.

The traditional Indian architectural component courtyard is also included here. The architects have thus conceived a design that is consistent with the bungalow typology but with a contemporary approach.

Fact File

  • Project                 : The BungaLOW
  • Location               : Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Architect              : Anagram Architects
  • Design Team      : Vaibhav Dimri, Madhav Raman, Ayush Prakash, Trisha Gupta

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