Ebbing travel woes

Indian Railways is considered as the lifeline of the country with a major portion of the population depending on it for day to day commutation. But the rapid pace of urbanization has put a strain on its infrastructure which has outgrown its use and is in a dire strait of upgradation.

The railway station at Periyanaickenpalayam, a small town near Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu famous for its many industries, was established in 1873 making it one of the oldest stations in the state.

It had played a significant role in the development of the locality. But the station which was used by many, including those working at the nearby industries daily, was in a dilapidated state for the past many years.

The major focus of the firm Mancini Enterprises while renovating this century-old railway station was making it functionally efficient and providing more facilities to the commuters.

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The firm had to completely renovate the railway station which was in a very poor condition. They constructed a waiting area, three toilets, including a disabled-friendly one, a ramp entry, drinking water area, booking office, store and a ticket counter cum room for the station master.

The existing platform was very short making it difficult for the passengers to climb in and out of certain compartments, so it was also extended.

The 2000 sqft building is conceived to be with a solid service volume flanking on both sides and a transparent public space at the centre in being functionally efficient and improved public surveillance.

The ramp and facilities like toilets and drinking water pipes are placed on the left of the transparent entrance volume that houses the general waiting hall. While the right side of the building includes the public areas like booking office, ticket counter, store, room for the station master and staff toilet.

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The inspiration for the new design was derived from the engineering establishments around and the station. The steel mesh used to construct the entrance wall and the wall that opens towards the platform gives the building a distinct character. Puf insulated panels were used for the slope roof construction.

The firm has designed the building to facilitate future expansions, as the railway officials expect an increase in the number of passengers from the nearby industries and schools in the future.

Fact File

  • Project: Renovation of Railway Station
  • Location: Periyanaickenpalayam, Tamil Nadu
  • Architects: Mancini Enterprises
  • Built Area: 2000 sqft
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