Elegance in Grey Shades

This intriguing space is set in the shades of grey tones, bold and striking among the clouds encompassing the wide enriching views of Rankala Lake and the shimmers of the iconic Royal Shalini Palace in the historic city of Kolhapur.

‘Grey Stone’ as the architect calls it, was conceptualized to create a visual permeability with wide openings, grey interiors and pastel-colored upholstery weaved between the 10th and 11th floors of an apartment envisioning the whole cityscape.

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The architect’s intent was to create a scenic view from the penthouse for the users in an elegant and clutter-free environment, while directing their gaze towards the vast exciting landscape.

Functionality and simplicity along with aesthetics was the core idea of the design. The grey shades of the interiors along with the blend of various kinds of furnishing invigorate an industrial and contrasting experience.

A monotonous, yet stimulating grey IPS wall, blends with grey tiles on the floor that integrates skilfully with white brick texture on the walls. Brown textured polished pots of varying sizes are showcased in particular places that dazzles when light falls on them expressing an emotional drama in those spaces.

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The entrance lobby showcases a mix of grey wall with multicoloured seatings and colourful sculptural boxes that partition strikingly in contrast with the theme of the design. Living cum dining space opens out to a terrace garden in three frames that captures the silent reflective Rankala Lake.

Furnishing adds a touch of drama with the grey tones, sky-blue sofa, leather chairs and multicoloured high metallic seating in the terrace.

Clean and metallic coffee tables sit firmly in the spaces complementing the grey tiles. Orange and red luminaries and portraits of different cities hanging on the walls add a flavour of vibrance to the whole space.

Rustic metallic lampshades LAO generates an ambience of warm atmosphere.

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The dining strikes a tanned appearance that serves as the center of attraction, where the kitchen adds a dialogue through an opening that acts as a counter.

Space is cornered by an exquisite bar following the language of dining area with a whitewashed brick background and a spotlight hanging on the countertop.

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An IPS stone three-legged stairway flanks the bar counter leading to the upper floor, that houses two bedrooms with a terrace and a private living space.

Bedrooms express the whole concept of material and texture that aims to provide a sense of security, privacy, and serenity.

Separate balconies that capture the landscape through a different frame of vision entice the users to experience the space with admiration.

The integration of interior and exterior, emphasizing the views captured by various frames and the play of different materials and textures allows the travelers to fully delve into the depths of drama and emotions that vibrate in the grey stone.

Fact File

  • Project Title: Grey Stone
  • Client Name: Mr. Sumit Medshinge
  • Location: Kolhapur, Maharashtra
  • Practice: Vision Associates
  • Typology: Penthouse
  • Area: 1973.70 sq.ft
  • Principal Architects: Ar. Prashant Kapdi, Ar. Pallavi Shinde
  • Design Team: Ar. Prashant Kapdi, Ar. Pallavi Shinde, Ketaki Bhosale
  • Artist: Rahul Repe

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