Melbourne artists spread positivity with art

If there’s one thing that expresses how Melbournians are feeling, it’s through their vibrant street art! Artists have found a meaningful way to generate positivity, express their political views and thank all the frontline heroes who are fighting the current pandemic situation. As a city that’s progressive and community-minded in their attitudes, these few Melbourne based artists are expressing themselves with their street art.

Artist: John Lawry
Location: Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane, a major graffiti tourist attraction in Melbourne, acts as more of a mirror. A young woman wearing a face mask stares out, looking a little alarmed, from the wall near the Flinders Street end of the lane.
Image credits: John Lawry

Artists: Brigitte Dawson and Melissa Turner’s 
Location: Black Rock

Artists Brigitte Dawson and Melissa Turner, of Melbourne’s Murals, painted a thank you mural to medical staff in a lane off Balcombe Road in Black Rock. The piece depicts a medical worker with wings, holding up the globe as he stands on the coronavirus.
Image credits: Melbourne’s Murals

Artist: Amanda Newman 
Location: Northcote

A woman wearing a surgical mask has appeared on a pillar of a railway overpass in Urquhart Street, Northcote. She is Ai Fen, a senior doctor at Wuhan Central Hospital who in December 2019 shared with colleagues information about patients with what we now know as COVID-19. She was reprimanded and accused of spreading rumours. The artist, Amanda Newman, said it’s a tribute to an unsung hero.
Image Credits: amandanewmanart

Artist: skubzmope 
Location: Prahran Square

 In a mural in Prahran Square in Prahran, the artist skubzmope depicts a toilet roll with DON’T PANIC! printed on it. The artists’ main aim was to get people to take a step back and have a good laugh at themselves.
Image Credits: skubzmope

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