Positive hues

Revamping a building has its pros and cons. On the positive aspect, it is financially lucrative compared to constructing a newly built structure from scratch.

At the same time, it is a challenging job as the architect may encounter various unique designs and serious structural issues. Like constructing a new building renovating a structure also take meticulous planning and time.

So it was more and more challenging to New Delhi-based architecture firm Spaces Architects@ka as they had to complete the revamping a 45-year-old apartment within a very short period of time. And it took them only 35 days to dismantle things, design and get it executed on site and complete the interiors.

The main focus has been given to colour as it is an integral element of the interior. The concept behind this artistic residence is to smartly use the colours.

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The impression of a shade and the message it conveys is of utmost importance in creating the psychological mood and ambiance that supports the functions of the house in a positive manner.

So the material palette was chosen wisely with the wide use of pastel colors and oak veneer.

The turquoise wall at the entrance is further accentuated by a vintage sofa in the same shade. On its right, there’s a red sofa adding another dimension to the room.

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The master bedroom is set in subtle shades with large wall paintings to balance the aesthetic appeal. Emphasis has been given on each and every detail even the shutters of the wardrobe have been digitally printed on canvas adding an element of art to the room.

Natural green has been introduced in different areas increasing the air quality of space.

The walls of the family lounge have been painted with contrasting colors – one in deep blue and other in baby pink. The dining table is custom-designed with a pattern of black and white stone on its top to create a contrast to the baby pink wall.

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Along the blue wall, a yellow-colored sofa is placed giving it a bold yet soothing effect. The green area is an essential part of the family lounge which brings the filtered air and light into space.

This home is a treasure trove of paintings, canvases from translucent blues and greens to deep shades of pink and others. Each painting is handpicked by the architect himself and has been conceptualized with the aura of the space.

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Fact File

  • Project Name: Krisha’s Residence
  • Location: New Delhi
  • Firm: Spaces Architects@ka
  • Principal Architect: Ar Kapil Aggarwal
  • Design Team: Pooja Aggarwal (Interiors), Pawan Sharma (Sr Engineer), Arvind Pal Singh (Site Head), Dharmendra Kumar (Site Engineer).

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