Shimmers of Spaces

A narrative of spaces in the city of pearls, set on the curve of Road No.36 at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. ‘Flashblack’ by the firm ‘Urban Zen’ is a fusion of architecture and drama that elevates the human spirit and initiates a conversation with the visitors.

A multi-level lounge and bar that triggers a nostalgic exuberance contrasting and reminiscing with the architectural elements stimulating an emotive experience.

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Etching indelible ink graffiti on grey walls and ceilings with splashes of bluish-pink tones that frames visual dramatic scenes of rigorous action, dialogue and emotion.

A splendiferous space that attunes with colourful streaks and shades of grey, dazzling with showering illumination was the conceptual theme that brewed to the design of Flashblack.

The exterior of the lounge has vertical strips of pinewood on the facade that imparts a delightful curiosity. The design is thoughtfully arranged into spaces from second floor to the terrace floor, with mezzanine levels that invoke anticipation, excitement, and exploration.

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Inside a double heighted voluminous space enchants the visitors with awe and excitement. A paradigm of dark and light shades of brown furnishing and upholstery conversely exudes a bold and austere statement in the lounge areas with ambient yellow lighting.

The black tandoor flooring and vertical fins of pinewood emphasize the interior double height pockets with an uplifting emotion, communicating with the other spaces above.

The stylish bar zone contrasts the lounge areas by its vibrant epoxy floor finish with a dramatic background light and a human graffiti on the wall that imparts an expansive heed of life.

As you journey towards the upper floors, an accentuated colourful mosaic pattern breaks the monotonous grey theme of the decor, invoking an illusionistic transition of levels in space.

The corridors breathe, in subtle and vital dimensions, refreshing the visitors in an emotional transformation by the wooden massing and green wall installation.

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The mezzanine level houses a bar with a vibrant epoxy floor finish and mild steel structuring a pendent lighting on the ceiling that exudes its charming layout. The bar is acoustically treated and DGU glazed that aids in enhancing the ambience.

The next level is a quaint composition of one indoor and two outdoor seating areas. A combination of deck wood flooring and vintage lights embraces the classy fervour in the bar.

Illuminated neon art on the walls intimates deep emotions filled with passion and ecstasy. The outdoor seating arenas are set in mild steel frames that envelop the area with about 300 Edison bulbs hanging from the frames.

The whole ambience instils a golden gleam that transforms the space creating a euphoric experience.

The culminating level is divided into two semi open seating spaces and an exquisite private lounge.

Three dimensional cubic art of blue and yellow hues contrasts the grey wall, with illuminated cone lights that emotes an aura of serene and enlightening vibe.

The stylized compositional schemes of upbeat, being naive to posing characterization, and the interplay of various materials showcase a sophisticated opulence.

‘Flashblack’ does serve its name and ambitions evoking the past memories, the zeal of the intimate and delightful setting that explores to transcend beyond the materials and structure interpreting the architecture in an elemental drama that tells everyone a story.

Fact File

  • Project Title: Flashblack
  • Location: Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
  • Practice: Urban Zen
  • Design Team: Rohit Suraj, Rohit Patnala
  • Area: 15,000 sq ft
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