The art of healing

Nature and its vital constituencies have played an integral part in human nourishing and healing. In the past when there were no healing centres, nature used to be the wholesome medicine and healing field for the ailing people.

Amidst the energy of sun light, greenness of plants, purity of water and a gratifying land, there used to be a place of restoration. By way of its wondrous elements, nature continues to act as a companion for restoration and recovery even today.

This perennial healing and enduring capacity of nature became the inspiration for this hospital project designed by VB Design Studio. The architects thus wanted to create a wholesome aura of humbleness and support for the weak that strives to cure people physically but also emotionally.

The design scheme augmented this concept by using nature’s four elements- Sun, Greenery, Water and Earth in crafting the spaces. Based on this hierarchy of elements, each floor was allotted a different narrative and color scheme.

The concept was further contemplated using vibrant artworks and spiritual illustrations in each space that includes eminent Mandala art, sun delineation, godly figures and also vedic mantras captioning the major artworks in the space, thereby emphasizing spiritual healing as well as purification of the body and soul.

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The Siddham ENT Hospital is a 40 bedded premise, built on 28,000 sq ft corner land which features inpatient and outpatient services for Ear, Nose and Throat related ailments as well as neck and head cancer surgery.

The building manifests three views- east, southeast, and north. The facade evinces a progression of triangular shapes, proportionate to the golden ratio, on which the symphony of pleasing green and blue emulates as nature’s derivation and aims to cultivate the flowing energy of the surrounding.

Beneath the triangles, there are double heighted inclined columns that act as a support for the building. On perceiving the building deeply, one could discover the true connotation of the design, both architectural and symbolic.

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The hospital consists of seven functional floors from the basement to the fifth. The floor hierarchy is programmed with respect to the patient’s flow pattern. They are also categorically colour coded in tandem with its corresponding element of nature.

The ground and first floor housing the reception lobby and OPD is conceptualized as ‘Earth’, and the interiors treated in the lightest tints of earthy peach, aimed at fostering an essence of stability and groundedness.

A double heighted Mandala artwork captioned with a Shanti Mantra is the backdrop for the reception. The spiritual attribute of the mantra and mandala is believed to play a crucial role in soothing the minds of the patients.

The first floor accommodates a TPA room, three consultation rooms, an Audiometry section as well as Labs for CT-scan, X-ray, ECG and Endoscopy. The second floor comprises two general wards and a semi deluxe ward each with a nursing station, a pantry, toilet and drinking water facility.

The space is conceived in a blue tone, characteristic of element of ‘water’. Blue symbolizes peace and humbleness and also tends to tranquilize the pain. The green landscaped pockets accentuate the ambience and facilitate rejuvenation.

The third floor features an ICU, OT,Doctor’s lounge, scrub and sterile area, instrument washing area, changing rooms, and toilets. ‘Greenery’ is the theme assigned to this floor as it is associated with renewal and aims to cultivate an essence of faith among the doctors and patients.

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Windows, an uncommon feature in OTs and ICU, give a glimpse of the natural environment, helping them revitalize and reduce their unsought feeling of compactness and anxiety. The fourth floor features three deluxe rooms, a deluxe suite for NRIs and VIPs and a nursing station.

Conceptualized as ‘Sun’, this space provides bountiful of sunlight while the tinge of yellow color further enhances the characteristics of energy and enlightenment. Each deluxe room and suite have been well planned and equipped to cater a conducive experience to the patients and their kinspersons.

The fifth floor has a semi open space encompassing an open canteen, a kitchen and seating for the patients and staff. Provision of digi- sets, Air Handling Units (AHUs), laundry unit, dishwashers, auto clave, overhead tank and store facilities are also provided here.

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The design journey for the architects throughout the tenure has been full of learning, brainstorming and experimentation, and with due support of the doctors, the team was able to design a one of a kind hospital which capacitates to influence and enliven the deep core of all- the patient, the visitor as well as the doctor.

Fact File

  • Project: Siddham ENT Hospital
  • Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan (India)
  • Architects: VB Design Studio
  • Built Area : 28,000 sq ft

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