The Game Is On

Strong will and persistent perseverance leads to victory. Pulsating spirits and sensational throb of a match elevates the fun and frolic driving to a stunning finish.

Kolkata also known as the city of sports, incite the stir and flair with relentless passion and enthusiasm deeply embedded into their culture and traditions.

The devotion and rampage of ecstatic fans can be felt at the Eden Gardens – the Mecca of Indian Cricket, Salt Lake Stadium and amongst many others. This city has been part of many historic moments, triumphs and controversies.

People are emotionally driven to this unmatched land that makes it the perfect location for a sports museum to flourish.

Fanattic Sports Museum conceived by Salient Design Studio, is set on a non operational food court in the 20 acre gold LEED certified campus of Ecospace Business Park.

It’s a trophy for all sport lovers, dedicated to various types of games; that gloriously make its achievement in becoming India’s first sports museum from research to commissioning within two months using least capital resource.

A celebration of fandom, the dynamic fever resonates in this interior, exhibiting the history of sports and the star icons through a vibrant exhibition of memorabilia.

The diversity in every discipline crosses beyond borders amplifying the thrill of gaming experience. This museum houses an impressive collection of Indian and International athletes assembling to inspire the new generation and develop a sense of sports conscious community.

Huddle posses steal it…

The eminent writer and historian Prof. Boria Mazumdar contributed his 29 year old personal collection to the museum. As a scholar he intensely studied the history of Indian cricket for his doctoral dissertation.

He had the opportunity to get hold of rare artifacts of different sports which were not preserved properly in India. This thought ignited his mind to collect and organize the facts of these impressive games envisioning it in a museum.

The design process was initiated by breaking the conventional systems of museum design which were linear spaces and guided circulation. A perfect cubic space is slashed by acute angles of walls that punch through invoking a rigorous momentum, aiding to an explorative experience.

The slanting entrance from north exudes a dashing perspective in blood-red shade. It then opens into an expansive space filled with exhibits, graphic boards and life size cut-outs. The layout interestingly maneuvers bringing in a sporty feel to the circulation.

Just a sport

The interior architectural elements dazzle in earthy color tones, resembling the field. An amphitheatre and a stage are positioned to the north western corner which becomes a dynamic space for events and talks. The facades of the museum open to wide enriching views of the green campus.

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The designers kept minimal use of materials. Most of the existing flooring and walls were reused, while the HVAC ducting and glazing was kept intact. MS steel sections used in the construction were acquired from a scrap yard.

The lighting fixtures were LED based on specific parameters to economize on the illumination. These ideas derived the interiors to earn a LEED certification.

The FSM does echo the hearts and spirits of acclaimed personalities. The iconic items such as jerseys, autographed equipments, posters and letters by the legends across the globe energize the environment in glory.

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Fact File

  • Project: Fanattic Sports Museum
  • Location: Ecospace, Kolkatta
  • Architects: Salient Design Studio
  • Design Team: Kavitha Dhote, Debajit Bhowmick, Amithabha Singha
  • Built-up: 3725 sqft.
  • Cost: Rs 42 Lacs

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