The office wellness mantra

The quality of workplace environment has a direct impact on productivity. That was one of the reasons that motivated the Advantech Aircon Systems office to make their new office space at Vadodara, Gujarat, to be different from the dark and sterile space they were using previously.

In order to correct the drawbacks of their previous office and achieve better working conditions they sought the help of Asac Architects.

The architect group has aimed to provide an optimised design solution that epitomises wellness and comfort without sacrificing functionality and energy efficiency.

The main challenge was to make sure that the daylight streaming from the glass facades reached every part of the building. The layout of the office was worked out to make sure that the penetration of daylight was maximised post occupancy.

This helps the occupants to get external views from different vantage points in the space and increased the energy savings since artificial daylight will not be necessary.

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It is also important to note that the architect has proposed many playful elements like a gaming area and colourful finishes that bring a dynamic ambience. The addition of indoor plants help to invigorate the space further.

Flexible work spaces are also granted which will be useful to house the employees who are usually on field duty. The central meeting room can be converted into a workstation in this manner.

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An additional benefit of this colourful and open approach in planning was the transparency it provided to the users. Even though an amount of privacy is necessary, the users should not be isolated.

If teams of employees are isolated within closed off spaces it gives root to Silo mentality, a phenomenon where unnecessary rifts deter the proper diffusion of information among employees.

Teams of workers have to engage within themselves and other teams to ensure positive corporate culture. The transparent design of the Advantech office helps to provide good corporate culture.

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The use of glass facades may result in increased power consumption due to the energy required to reduce the ambient temperature. So the architect made use of two main interventions to optimise the power consumption.

The first one was to make lighting more efficient. The space is planned on the principle of non- uniform lighting. The ambient lighting is capped at 150 lux as compared to the conventional 300 lux.

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Each workstation is also given with task lights to limit lighting to only the necessary areas. The next intervention is to reduce heat gain in the interiors. The southern side of the building has more heat gain according to sun path calculations so that side of the building is given with closed rooms.

Furthermore, wooden sun breakers have been provided to reduce the impact of direct sunlight on the external walls.

The new office space celebrates wellness of the employees and the interiors are adaptable to accommodate the occasional transient field workers.

The architect, with the help of an informed client who understood the importance of good design, has succeeded in proactively addressing many issues that impede development of a good working environment.

Fact File

  • Project Title : Advantech Aircon systems
  • Location: Vadodara, Gujarat
  • Practice: Asac Architects
  • Typology: Office Project
  • Consultants: Amal Electricals, Advantech Aircon systems, Carpenter- Naresh Mistry, Painter- Ashok Yadav
  • Area: 2200 sq. ft.

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