Working Greens

The Indian society has gradually come to terms with the significance of a healthy work culture and a rejuvenating office atmosphere. Dreary white-collared workers slogging away in confined cubicles that are hardly worthy of being termed a workspace is a scene tending to nihility.

The notion of open offices, co-working spaces and informal office environments are being more widely accepted over the past few years and the vibes inside an office has undoubtedly changed for the better.

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The statistics depicting significant improvement in output levels are an added testament to the success of such offices.

The change in mindset and working culture alone would be pointless without an appropriate quality in space to complement it. Therein lies the role of architecture, a role scripted not for an added appeal but rather out of necessity.

A team of young and zealous architects from FlyYingseeds Studio were entrusted to design such an office for YADU Corporation.

The site was home to a few old trees that were pivotal in evolving the idea of a series of courtyards and atriums that centered around green nodes intertwined with free flowing workspaces.

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The site condition motivated the team to compose a sublime polyphony of an affable office space respecting the existing trees.

The spatial planning ensured that the office would ideally function as a co-working space that instills impetus within the various teams and their heads, eventually visualized to act as a benchmark for green office architecture.

Greenery in workspaces is a luxury in a city like New Delhi. The TREEHOUSE Office with its judicious blend of built and unbuilt spaces promotes a healthy working atmosphere, and apart from being an invigorating office, the green design also facilitates the means for the structure to function as a climatically responsive and energy-efficient building.

For a place that experiences hot and dry summers for a significant part of the year, the green courts function as an oasis humidifying the hot air as they sweep in through the built spaces.

An existing built mass at the sunken site was conceived into a pedestal that accommodates the main reception lobby connected through a bridge upon entry. Horizontal and vertical planes were strategically juxtaposed to inscribe greenery within, amplifying the open character of spaces.

The incorporation of green terraces, insulated cavity walls, thermal break DGU glass windows etc. work in tandem to further enhance the energy efficiency of the building.

Through such path-breaking visions the office puts forth an avant-garde design scheme that could ideally be developed, iterated and reinterpreted in many more workspaces to come.

The TREEHOUSE Office also goes the extra mile of accommodating living quarters for the MD of YADU Corporation. Zoned in the southeast corner of the plot, the space is strategically designed to ensure it enjoys the inherent privacy in spite of the overall open design scheme.

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Owing to the split level planning, the visual and spatial connectivity has been efficiently worked out.

On the whole, the design has delivered on all fronts, a definite torch-bearer for offices striving for a change to adapt to a livelier office culture.

The landscape and built volumes are in complete harmony and in conjunction due to the sagacious choice of material palette that inconspicuously complements the bigger picture.

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The vibes of a space well designed linger on long after we come across them. The TREEHOUSE Office is sure to stay in your mind and heart, reminiscent of a scenario where work is never an obligation but rather an enjoyment.

Fact File

  • Project: TREEHOUSE Office
  • Location: New Delhi, India
  • Architects: Flyyingseeds Studio, New Delhi
  • Project Area: 15,000 sqft
  • Year: 2018