A Splendid canvas

Competition is high in the F&B industry. To emerge as the winner one has to find innovation in everything from the menu to the location and the design concept. It is believed that a restaurant’s interior, including design, seating order, and ambience, make an impact on customer psychology.

Everybody likes a spacious interior where one could not only enjoy the food but also unwind and feel comfortable.

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So when the owners of the Surat-based restaurant ‘Think of It’ approached the architecture firm Studio Lagom the team didn’t have to think much than to design something the city lacked: an al fresco restaurant in its true sense.

As the plot was on the lease, the team had to find a perfect free-flowing design philosophy that would limit the building units to a minimum but without compromising on the comforts.

Also, the architects have used economic materials to keep the budget in check, including elements like wood and stone with material finishes. To make the maximum connection with the interior and the exterior of the restaurant a cozy street-side café was created with a wide landscaped elevated set-back from the street level to the fly-ash brick masonry wall that marks the ‘boundary’ of the restaurant.

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The restaurant’s entrance similar to a garden pathway is lined with trees and pebbles. The brick wall opens up into a lobby-like space with a unique looking water body and semi-open indoor seating areas.

The lobby opens up into a spacious pebbled courtyard where the open-air seating is arranged. The central element of this space is a small fountain almost concealed by green foliage.

The seating options here include wooden, metal chairs and cement benches attached to the ferrocement wall with cut-outs that separates it from the semi-open indoor seating.

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Since the restaurant is located in a by-lane next to many tall buildings the courtyard has an overhead wireframe contour installation salvaged from construction iron rods that would provide privacy and also bring in an aesthetic element to it.

A curated garden with frangipani, heliconia, dracaena, bamboo, banana, bougainvillaea, and many more that borders the centre courtyard brings in a natural lush look to the restaurant and an outdoor feel.

One of the semi-open areas that border the courtyard on two sides has a ferrocement wall with cut-outs while the other is an open section. Both these areas are roofed by corrugated GI sheets whose edges are cut such that they, collectively, reinforce the organic look and feel.

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Warm earthy and rustic colours like red and blue used along with the vernacular materials like wood and leftover stone arranged in a homely mosaic, smooth swells of cement with doors and windows sourced from scrapyard give the restaurant a unique feeling among the many concrete structures.

Fact File

  • Project: Think of It! Restaurant
  • Location: Surat, Gujarat
  • Area of plot: 5000 sq.ft.
  • Built-up area: 3500 sq.ft.
  • Architects: Studio Lagom
  • Principal Architect: Hardik Shah
  • Design team: Krishna Kapadia, Kruti Sheta-Patel
  • Landscaping: Hasnain Sabuwala
  • Artists: Kruti Sheta-Patel
  • Structure: Hitesh Rathi(Rathi consortium)
  • Metal Structure: Sai Shyam Engineering
  • Contractor: Kalpesh Patel
  • Plumbing: Burhanali Shaikh (Bhai Bhai Contractor)
  • Electrical: Sandeep Patel
  • Carpenter: Magraj Suthar
  • Branding & Signage: SatyadipVadnere (Satyarth) & Hemant Saho
  • Flooring: Jyoti Marble Art
  • Colour: Rajpat Prajapati
  • Drone shots: Dr. Pradip Patel

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