A treat to the senses

The interior of Pikkle restaurant designed by Chromed invigorates the eyes and creates the setting for a fulfilling gastronomic experience to follow. As the restaurant is located in the upscale areas of West Delhi, which already houses a number of restaurants, the client approached the architect to envisage a design that will give them an edge over the competitors.

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The restaurant combines different aesthetics to create a unique experience for the customers. The colours are bright and energetic, the forms are sinuous, the textures are luxurious and to top it all there are whimsical elements added to create an informal, welcoming ambience.

The interiors borrow inspiration from jazz clubs and traditional Indian bungalows.

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Pikkle written on a neon board at the entrance gate welcomes the patrons into the restaurant. The unconventional layout also has an arched passage. The customer needs to follow this long passage to reach the lounge which gives a taste of the exotic interiors with chequered flooring, ceiling finished in vintage floral wallpaper and black markino marble finishes on the walls.

From there one could enter the main restaurant space. Due to this layout, the user slowly discovers the interiors and this creates a personal experience in itself.

On entering the main restaurant area, the first element right ahead is the animatronic panda, with arms wide open to welcome the customers and give them a pleasant welcome.

Pikkle has a den like interior, replete with a stage, bar area, and conical columns in bright emerald green. There are two types of seating i.e. seating along the wall with terrazzo flooring and an elevated seating area along the conical columns with markino marble flooring, divided by a handrail.

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The vibrant novelty of the jazz age is fully emulated in the interiors in order to provide an experience to the customers like no other.

The colour scheme is dominated by luxuriant wine reds and emerald green, offset by neutral brown. Flooring is done using terrazzo, marble, wood and Kadappa stone. The green columns are made of ply.

The elevated stage area is articulated differently to stand out. The floor is wood finished and there is a lighting installation above the stage with a red satin curtain behind.

Pilasters with golden box moulding are finished on either side of the stage area. There is a separate closed off space beside the stage for housing sound technicians and DJs.

Across the opposite side of the stage is the bar area. The bar is highlighted using bright teal paint and a colourful wall decal. Chequered stained glass partitions accentuate the barkeeper’s area.

Pikkle distinguishes itself for its vibrant interior design that enthrals the sight. The restaurant entwines the sensual, grandiose aesthetic of the jazz age and the traditional bungalow.

But the design is not without a whimsical element to break the ice, namely an armoured panda straight out of a science fiction movie, ready to grab the customers in a bear hug.

Fact File

  • Project Title: Pikkle
  • Location: Pusa Road, West Delhi
  • Practice: Chromed Studio
  • Typology: Restaurant
  • Design Team: Abhigyan Neogi, Kanika Suri
  • Area: 2500 sq. ft

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