Beyond Convention

This unique office project by Made in Earth collective is located in Bangalore. The project opens up with a quest of achieving close ecological relationships with workplaces.

It explores to create an identity in the world of interior design by avoiding the regular features that define the present day novelties. It stays away from controlled air environments, wooden laminates, plastics and resin or chemical wood treatment.

However, the project is not in any small town but is part of nation’s Garden City and developing IT Hub.

An unoccupied space on the first floor of a building that has a typical three walled construction system with structural glazing on one end, is envisioned to reflect the clientele ambitions who deal in certifying agricultural produce in the country.

The brief narrates a bold and vibrant space carved out of natural materials, opening avenues for exploring different dimensions to meet their desire. The client’s intent is also to extend an inviting experience that makes each one want to go to work every day.

The core of the layout comprises of the entrance lobby, conference room and the storage areas making it accessible for everyone who’s coming in. It also clearly demarcates the main public area, and the private areas of the office.

Towards the left side of the entry are the main workspace and the right side houses the administrative and inspection areas. Natural light fills the working areas as it is arranged along the periphery.

The spaces are well connected by a long corridor that becomes the main circulation spine which is also characterized by indoor plants.

The project puts forth a flowing design outline executed metrically, as a partition wall becomes a cabinet for storage and a shelf turns into a bench, a window or a blackboard.

These modules are filled with plastered panels, finished with lime and clay bolted on to them. The use of pine wood boards, glass and exposed fire bricks add to the pattern.

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Another key purpose of the scheme is to add a comfortable area to the work environment. This idea interests many, as it juxtaposes two features such as ‘work tension’ and ‘relaxed mood’. Hence it integrates the feel for home at work.

As one walks in, the project is designed to offer an experience that’s unusual in the corporate space. The existence of green is gaining popularity in these times in other domains like residential design.

However, a design solution that provides the feeling of being one with nature in a corporate setting is worth noticing. The fact that it’s achieved through natural materials and not knock off plastic vegetation as many offices are wont to do is laudable.

It also contributes to creating a sense of calmness, that enriches the ability to work effectively.

Elements often hidden within a building has become the main highlight of the design. Painted in black, the reused steel bars are linked together and forms a grid pattern that has become an identity.

It is planned in such a way that it imparts the choice of rearranging the grid. The entire storage system characterized by grids holding everything that a workspace requires and extends all around, creates a different volume for the interiors.

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Accentuating a timeless style and detail is adopted as a channel to the lasting insides.

Keeping in mind, a demanding timeline and a testing budget, the project explores and develops design strategies using natural resources. The vibrancy inside has been achieved by using plastered panels composed and tinted in earthy tinges.

The overall palette emphasizes the seamless silver oxide flooring and walls finished in clay and lime plaster. The frames, fixtures and furniture in black adds a depth to the chosen material palette in natural tones.

The volume of the space is maximized by putting every nook and corner to use. The continuity in furniture and storage design, connecting the floor to the ceiling, is shaped to bind the whole area.

The design encounters are mostly about creating memories that make one wish to return. Hence, what contributes to its formation are the details defined during design execution.

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The project sets an example while exploring the use of pinewood that plays multiple roles for partitions, tabletops and cabinetry.

The suspended shelving that holds indoor plants acts a space divider as well as widens the limitless possibilities in environmental focussed designs. Every corner of the office interior contains plants that make it lively and invites the feeling of being outdoors, dissolving the boundaries.

This collaborative approach in design and the extensive grounds covered in contemporary styling have proved the way of life, as earth meets sustainable and advanced construction technology requirements.

It also leaves an important thought of bringing a design experience which is far beyond the nature of its location.

Fact File

  • Project Name: ADITI Organics office: An Electropop Ballet
  • Location: Bangalore
  • Architectural Practice: Made in Earth Design Collective
  • Building Type: Corporate
  • Client: Aditi Organic Certifications Pvt Ltd
  • Built-up Area: 280 sq. m

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