Fluid finesse

A judiciously designed interior truly has the ability to augment and modify a given spatial volume.

The extent and physical containment of space is merely an illusion of your perception and hence with the right kind of materials, elements, furniture, décor, lighting and color schemes, any space can be tailor-made to rightfully address and adhere to the desired spatial quality.

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MYVN Architecture, a young and vibrant team from Bengaluru was assigned the duty to renovate the reception area of a builder’s office. The space accessed through a flat monotonous flight of stair with low ceiling height, usheres you up into a 700sq ft floor space.

The requirement list provided to the design team was quite simple – a reception lobby, waiting lounge, meeting room, pantry and a washroom; not a hefty task since the volumes stood predefined, however, the challenge was to conceive a design scheme that transmogrifies the confined to an elegant expanse.

Ever zealous to tackle an opportunity that tickles the grey cells, the creative heads of MYVN devised a delicate disposition that transcends the conforming construct of a conventional sales office.

A ribbed ceiling envisioned as a metamorphosis of the stairway, skillfully materialized through advanced computation methods that have revolutionized the building industry.

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The overall design scheme spells out a penchant for innovation, technology and finesse; truly in reflection of the client’s professional philosophy. The spate of ply panels that grows as an envelope of the stairway gets fluidly molded into fanciful forms throughout the design.

The monolithic character essayed by the panels also cleverly conceals the reality of a low ceiling height. Appearing to be held in place by metal rod legs, the panels are in-fact suspended by threaded rods on top – an ensuing exemplar of illusion.

The material palette is consciously kept simple and rudimentary. Consisting of three major elements – the timeless texture of wood, seamless spreads of cements, dashes of white with hints of green, the overall minimal design language portrays a sense of class.

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The suspended panels are painted in gold with a touch of bronze to ensure its iconic profile is amplified on texture traits as well.

The meeting room has a backdrop of glazing that overlooks the street below, thereby providing the passerby pedestrians a peep into the office space. The scintillating sculpture adorning the ceiling evokes a sense of awe and fancy, ensuring that the patrons have imagery that lingers on long after a visit to this office.

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Fact File

  • Project: Project Bound
  • Client: The Fortune Group
  • Location: Bengaluru, India
  • Architects: MYVN Architecture
  • Design team: Elayaraja Mayavan, Guruprakash Govindaswamy, Aashay Thakkar
  • Built Area: 700 sq.ft.
  • Contractor: Interior Espania

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