The Cube House

Fact File

  • Project Title: Nandanbagh Bungalow
  • Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 
  • Practice: Verizon Architects
  • Design Team: Ravi Pipalia, Akhil Gajjar, Radhika Gajjar, Yash Vachhani
  • Structural: DiaGrid Consultants
  • Site Area: 9000 sq.ft
  • Built-Up Area: 7500 sq.ft
  • Photography Credits: Maulik Patel; Inclined Studio

A symbol of contemporary architectural language expressed through its clean crisp lines defines this cuboidal house of 7500 sq ft. that rests on the outskirts of the busy city in Ahmedabad. Situated in a gated community surrounded by picturesque farmlands, which makes it to be tucked away from the bustling city chaos thus ensuring an ambient essence of the countryside.

The exterior facade of the house portrays a set of voids and frames that constructs the overall image. The spatial linear organization of the spaces invigorates a simple yet functional plan catering to the privacy of the family members and also interlinking every indoor space to its outdoor lush green garden.

The client and his family were shifting from a densely populated neighbourhood to a serene peaceful piece of land. The initial idea was to create large rooms to accommodate frequent guests and at the same time each space having its identity while connected to nature outside.

The double-height cantilevered entrance creates a grand welcoming gesture that lifts in high spirits, which then leads to a cozy wooden entrance door with a small court right next to it, encouraging us to an experiential journey while entering the house. Making the transition auspicious and warming.

The plan had an intricate layout that segregated in a manner where the common gathering spaces like, living, lounge and dining areas, merge at four volumes on the corners, housing all the major spaces like, living, kitchen, bedrooms. The corner volumes are placed one above the other perpendicularly thereby envisioning the cubic cantilevered volumes on the outside.

The spaces were planned such that all the gathering spaces open towards the garden that faces towards the north, allowing ample soft light to penetrate through the house from the large openings that cater to the family’s socially active lifestyle.

The U-shaped fabricated staircase was arranged on the southern side creating a buffer thus preventing the southern harsh sunlight entering the core spaces of the house. The staircase was planned in the center of the house, easily connecting each corner of the house to the spaces on the first floor. The staircase creates a courtyard in the center of the house, and being open from the top, it acts as a natural light shaft, making the core of the house ambiently lit and airy.

The bedroom on the ground floor is seamlessly connected to the garden outdoors. The master bedroom cantilevers out on the first floor creating a semi-covered veranda for the bedroom on the ground floor, which is often used by the head of the family to enjoy the 180° view of the garden.

The cube house does resonate in expressing its emotions across its every detail. This residence does spice up the architecture and nature to engage in an ecstatic symphony.  

Ravi Pipalia, Akhil Gajjar, Radhika Gajjar, Yash Vachhani

Verizon Architects

Verizon Architects is an Ahmedabad based design practice firm found on the idea of a building to the extravagance of a client’s dream, uniquely and positively. Led by four promising Architects, Ravi Pipalia, Akhil Gajjar, Radhika Gajjar, and Yash Vachhani; the company aims to focus on applying architecture thinking to domains beyond. We are a team with a diversified architectural background, putting in our passions to turn someone’s dream into reality. The firm’s work showcases their belief to design with the language of rhythm and fundamental of human comfort in a propitious environment. The firm currently deals in the domain of residential, commercial, high rise, institution, urban design, and interiors in India and Dubai.

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